Adding a Closet Where There Is None

Need more closet space? You can gain tons of storage space by stealing a few feet from a room and building a new closet, complete with double doors. Finally you’ll have room enough for that mound of shoes, the clothes packed on closet rods and the pile of boxes. Perhaps you are sharing a closet and would like a closet of your own.

Conventionally framed closets are permanent and are designed to look like part of the house. Stud walls are erected from floor to ceiling, skinned with drywall, and painted. The opening is fitted with the doors of your choice, while the trim and door hardware are selected to match the surrounding room. Adding a closet would make a difference, not only in organizing your clothes and things but in the value appreciation of your real estate investment.

At DecorLink we specialize in closet build outs. Usually we can complete the project in a few days at surprisingly affordable pricing. We provide a complimentary design consultation and estimate.