The useful life of your sofa, armchair or dining table may be far from over, in fact they could still be in pristine condition, and yet many of us find ourselves at odds with our furnishings believing they have become boring and dull. Just because their “spark” has somewhat fizzled, does not mean it is time to give up on any of your pieces. Remember how much time and effort you spent picking them out? Abandoning them now just wouldn’t seem right. Instead, look to alternatives to give your furnishings new found joy in your life and your home.

To get started, check out our “5 Rs” to bringing your furniture back to life: Rearrange, Repaint, Refinish, Reupholster and Reinvent.

1. Rearrange

Before taking any drastic measures, consider rearranging your furniture. It may not be your furniture that you are bored with, but rather your current layout.

One of the most dramatic ways to change the feel of a room is to change its focal point. You may or may not have the option to change the physical location of the focal point be it a fireplace, television, gorgeous view, sofa, etc. However, you can rearrange your other pieces to highlight the focal point in a new way.

The best way to get started is to just start moving the pieces, you never know what might inspire you or work in ways you did not expect.

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2. Repaint

Here is your chance to kick the “furniture blues” by going bold and dramatic and all it takes is a little paint. This relatively cheap alternative is completely doable yourself and can easily create a new focal point for a room or bring in a new accent color to a neutral space.

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There a several types of paints to choose from. If you are doing the project yourself, you will have to research which alternative is best for you.

Latex paints are water soluble making cleanup a breeze after your painting job is complete.

Oil paints provide better coverage, but require numerous safety precautions including working outdoors to avoid fumes and using chemical solvents for cleanup.

Spray paints are ideal for outdoor furniture.

Milk paints are the most natural types of paint available, are nontoxic and work well on both unfinished and finished wood surfaces.

3. Refinish

If your solid wood piece of furniture is starting to wear a bit, consider refinishing it instead of painting it. Refinishing it entails using a stain instead of paint to show off the wood grain, achieve a desired natural color and reduce contrasts between wood varieties.

Like paint, there are several different types of stains and finishes of which again you will have to research your best alternative.

Additionally, feel free to strategically use different colored finishes or add paint to your refinished work for a truly unique and personalized finished piece.

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4. Reupholster

Taking on a re-upholstery project is no easy task. You may want to consult a professional or at least be aware that you will not have a new chair, much less a set of dining room chairs, overnight. Patience and a willingness to learn will be key.

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If you are not ready to take on a huge project whether for time, money or other valuable resources, start with a simple slipcover. You will literally change your piece of furniture instantly as well as give yourself the option to try out a bold new color or pattern without totally committing. Slipcovers can be found for all types of furniture or look up a DIY tutorial to create your own customized look and feel.

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Once you are ready to take on an upholstery project, maybe start with just a seat cushion for a much simpler task.

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Or try creating a tuft seat from a small table like this project from Crafty Sisters.

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5. Reinvent with New Accents

Finally, if moving your furniture around is not enough and you do not want to take on a painting or re-upholstery job, look for new inspiration by reinventing your color scheme with new accent pieces. Changing your accent colors will bring new light to your design concept and reenergize your space while breathing new life into your furniture without actually touching any of your furnishings.

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