Looking to your wardrobe for inspiration in designing the perfect space that reflects personal style

In many ways, designing a space is a lot like picking out the essential elements of a wardrobe. Both fashion and design reflect personal style, and for each it is essential to have staple key elements that define your look.

Decorating a space can feel overwhelming and a bit scary because many people feel like they have to conceptualize the entire design, down to the coasters. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, think of decorating like you think of getting dressed – one element at a time. Everyone knows how to put together a great outfit, and decorating can be just as easy – and fun.

Here is how creating the perfect fashion look is just like decorating the ideal space to match your personal style:

The LBD says it all:

Photo by Lucy Call - Houzz

The little black dress is the staple piece that holds any wardrobe together. It’s the dress that not only looks classy, but is comfortable and versatile. In a house, the main piece of furniture in each room is like that LBD. For instance, the sofa is a comfortable, versatile piece of furniture that serves many purposes. Homeowners use it to relax, to entertain and to enjoy family time. It should be a durable piece of furniture, but one that will also tie the room together and express personal style. Like a black dress, it’s easiest to pair other designs with this main piece of furniture if it is a neutral color. Its understated style lets the rest of the room do the talking.

Photo by Lindsay von Hagel © 2012 Houzz

 The “wow” factor:

The easiest way to make a big impression with your wardrobe is by adding one eye-catching piece of jewelry – like a statement necklace. A big necklace can dress up even the simplest outfits. The equivalent in decorating is to add a beautiful painting or work of art to a room. Adding a pop of color to the walls makes the whole room feel a little more dressed-up – adding what we sometimes like to call “casual elegance.”

Photo by Lucy Call via Houzz

 It fits perfectly:

There is no better feeling than to find that perfect pair of jeans that fit like a glove and look great. In room design, you’ll get that same feeling when you find the perfect storage units – that look amazing in your space and are also a perfect “fit” to help store your belongings in an organized and effective manner. Just as the perfect fit in a pair of jeans compliments your figure, the right size bookshelf or dresser complements the look and feel of your room.

Subtle patterns:

Reluctant to commit to a trendy piece of furniture because you worry styles might change or you might be limiting your choices for other design elements? Keep your fashion sense in mind and remember that the easiest way to integrate a new style is by adding just a “pop” of it rather than going all out. Fashion-savvy shoppers add a scarf to spice up an outfit and try something new. Decorators choose on-trend throws or accent pillows to get the same effect. That small trendy piece can really modernize an entire space; just remember that it’s best to add these elements in odd numbers.

Photo by Juliette Byrne via Houzz

Find the light:

Even if every element of your outfit is perfect, the final look will fall flat if there isn’t a sparkle that catches the eye. Adding diamonds or beads that reflect light makes any outfit look a little more special. The same goes for the lighting in a room. If the room is too dark, it is hard to see all of the great design elements. Always make sure the light is perfect, and that there are mirrors and other reflective components that will add dimension to the space.

We hope this inspires you the next time you look to decorate a room. Until next time.

AuthorPaul Allegro