Here are some tips to help you reconnect with the outdoors when decorating inside.

Spring is known for new beginnings and beautiful colors, but it is also the perfect time to reconnect with nature after a long, cold winter. We encourage homeowners to look for inspiration right outside of their window.

Spending time in nature is proven to make people happier and healthier. Those good feelings shouldn’t go away as soon as the door closes and you walk into your home. Adding natural elements to your home décor can elevate your mood and help the home become a true haven.

Here are five simple ways to effectively incorporate nature into interior décor:

Collect Natural Elements: Even in the most urban places, nature is everywhere. Keep an eye out for any interesting natural elements and pick them up. If they are shells or stones, place them on the mantel or put them in a clear glass jar. Drift wood can also be painted for a shabby chic look and hung up on the wall.


Entice Your Senses: Making a house mirror nature is not all about the visual elements. Bringing in other senses like smell, sound and feel can transform the entire space. Find the perfect miniature waterfall to mimic the sound of a river, buy wood-scented candles and make sure to open the windows whenever the weather permits.

Use Raw Materials: Using natural materials is an easy way to transform the feel of a living space. Consider using non-processed materials, such as wicker or tweed, for curtains, rugs or storage to give any space an instant rustic feel.

Give Life to the Space: Bringing live plants, flowers or small trees into a space is the most literal interpretation of connecting home with nature, but it really does increase happiness in the home. Try mounting a natural element over the mantel or fireplace, like a hanging succulent garden or a soothing fish tank.

Bring in the Wild: Having prints or framed pictures of animals is a fun way to spice up a space and pay tribute to the animal kingdom. Also, many decorating essentials come with fun animal twists, like an elephant shaped lamp or a giraffe coat hanger and of course, let’s not forget animal prints for pillows or throws.

We hope these ideas inspire you to bring elements of nature and the outdoors into your home. Until next time.

AuthorPaul Allegro