Whether you enjoy the soft, pleasurable breeze a screened-in porch allows or like to bask in the daylight sun, creating an outdoor living space is a must.  Seasonal patio furniture has changed from the webbing and plastic and matured into what the industry now calls “casual furniture” that extends the space you’re living in beautifully for entertaining or just sitting back and relaxing as a family.

Outdoor living spaces have been gaining enormous popularity over the past few years and I see this trend continuing.  People want the convenience of outdoor kitchens, patios and spas, therefore, creating a demand for fun, vibrant outdoor friendly furniture and glorious accessories.  And, manufacturers of outdoor living products are incorporating bold colors, exciting prints and interesting finishes on outdoor furniture this year.

The yummiest color of the year is tangerine, which means all shades of orange are popping up in every product, including outdoor lounges, shades and rugs. Orange radiates warmth and energy.  In either indoor or outdoor settings, orange brings a sense of harmony, accenting the natural greens of indoor plants or outdoor landscaping. It’s perfect for summer.

In addition, metal, both steel and aluminum, is now more durable and lightweight than ever, and weather resistant when applied with a powder-coated finish.  If wood is your preferred look, we suggest individuals look for safe, environmentally-friendly products that are Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certified or wood that meets the standards of FSC. 

Whatever your preferences are, the important thing to remember is that summertime gives us the opportunity to extend our living space outdoors. Having a special place that is both relaxing and inspired will make you appreciate the lazy, hazy days of summer. Just remember, it will be gone before you know it. Until next month!

As a highly-trained advocate for eco-friendly living, Paul Allegro, a certified GreenLeader, encourages consumers to turn to DecorLink® for advice and recommendations for options and a solid understanding of the value of using eco-conscientious vendors.

AuthorPaul Allegro